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Moving Home or Office?
Utes & Trucks available for rent, to suit your needs

Ute Hire: $149 for entire weekend
Truck Hire: $289 for entire weekend

We make your move easier.
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Shifting residence or business

Shifting residence or business from one place to another is a major challenge.

Are you ready to face this challenge? Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals is here to provide you with every assistance required for a smooth transition.

We have created a user-friendly Online Booking System for your benefit.

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Pymble’s Premier Ute & Truck Hiring Now Available

Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals is now available for a superior service of Utes and Trucks in the locale. Having over 10 years of valuable experiences in this business, Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals has achieved the reputation of providing the cleanest, safest and highest-quality vehicles.

We proudly provide Pymble with an array of Utes and Trucks. You will find 1 tonne tray Ute and 3 tonne Trucks. Pick your vehicle depending on the furniture you plan to transport.

We have arranged our services to fit your feasibility. Pick up your desired Ute or Truck from Pymble. If you are relocating outside Pymble, you can drop off the vehicle at any of our 13 locations spread over Sydney.

How to Hire a Ute or Truck?

  • Step 1: Choose your location
  • Step 2: Choose your pickup time
  • Step 3: Choose your rate
  • Step 4: Choose your Vehicle (Ute or Truck)
  • Step 5: Specify if you need any trolleys, packing material or storage boxes

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Getting packing material for your hire

You can get packing material to go with your Ute or Truck hire to help you in you move. Simply view our products and contact National Storage

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Removal Boxes

We have a range of Packaging and Storage boxes.

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Pymble Fleet Options

How would you know which vehicle, our 1 tonne Ute or 3 tonne Truck is suitable for your shifting? This will depend entirely on the contents of the items you have. If you are aiming for a short shifting, consider a Ute. A short shifting means items from a small office or a 1-bedroom residence.

If you consider heavy shifting that includes items from a 3 or 4-bedroom house or a proper office, your perfect pick would be our 3 tonne Truck.

Worried about the rates?

We offer the best rates for all our Utes and Trucks Rental in Pymble. The price for our Utes start from as low as $38.50. The rates of our Trucks start from as low as $49.50. This is the best deal you will receive in Pymble!

Hiring Our Utes

Our Utes are currently a popular transportation for shifting. A light vehicle, easy to steer and is the ideal tip run. This vehicle is exemplary for the following uses-

  • Shift light furniture
  • Confiscate heavy materials
  • Replace light automobiles
  • Remove heavy rubbish waste
  • Remove garden waste

Hiring Our Trucks

Trucks are a preferable choice for a heavy shifting. This includes heavy furniture mostly. If you want to wrap up your shifting within a day and in short trips, this is the best mode of vehicle.

Our Trucks come with power steering. This will provide a better grip of the vehicle.

As for the license, all our Utes and Trucks can be driven by standard car license.

You can rent our Trucks for few hours, for a day, overnight or for the weekends.

Hiring Our Trucks

At Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals, we provide the cleanest vehicles possible. All our transportations are regularly monitored and are spotlessly washed before handing over to our clients. We would also expect our customers to maintain the hygiene of the vehicle. You should consider the next person who would use it. It would be nice if you can conserve the cleanliness of the hired vehicle.

We offer automatic, power steering Utes and Trucks. All our vehicles have functional air conditioning system. They are easy to use and are regularly checked for faulty issues.

Do You Want to Rent Our Utes and Trucks?

Below is the fact sheet about what to consider before renting our Utes and Trucks from Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals.

  • Step 1:Select your locality
  • Step 2: Select the time based on your feasibility
  • Step 3: Consider the amount of time you will rent the vehicle for and pick the rates suitably
  • Step 4: Finally, select the appropriate vehicle (Ute or Truck)

For your convenience, various Packing Materials, such as storage boxes or trolleys are available from our store.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have bagged 10 years of experiences and still counting
  • We provide automatic, power steering vehicles that can be driven by a standard car license
  • Our stores are located in 13 different suburbs in Sydney
  • We have clean, well-maintained vehicles
  • We offer affordable Utes and Trucks in our 13 locations
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