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Moving Guidelines

We are here to render every assistance in regards to your shifting. This includes professional advice and hiring our 1 Tonne Tray Ute and 3 Tonne Truck.

At National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon, we have the ultimate solution to all your relocation worries. We have proper vehicles for a faster, reliable and efficient moving. We have appropriate boxes and storage systems that will make your move uncomplicated.

We are located in 13 different points all across Sydney. This will enable you to pick the nearest store and drop by to Hire our Ute or Truck. All our services are kept within the budget. Moreover, we offer Weekend Special offers.

At Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals, we are here to offer you valuable Moving Guidelines.

Choosing Between a Ute and a Truck

Are you unsure whether you should rent our 1 Tonne Tray Ute or our 3 Tonne Truck for your moving? Different vehicles are for different reasons.

A Ute is preferably used for small shifting. By small, we mean small house shifting. Or suitable for a small office. Whereas, our 3 Tonne Truck is ideal for 3 to 4 bedroom shifting.

How would you understand which vehicle to select? After completing the packing task, count how many boxes you have packed. If you realise you have more boxes and a large amount of furniture with plenty of electronic goods, a Truck should be your pick.

If you see that there are few boxes and handful of furniture that won’t consume too much space, hire our Ute. A 1 Tonne Tray Ute has enough space to easily fit a fridge inside. It is advisable not to load heavy furniture in a Ute.

If you think your furniture may weigh up to 500 kg altogether, our Truck is the ultimate choice. We have hydraulic and tail lifters for more convenient and easy lifting.

Organize Yourself

Shifting requires a lot of packing. Packing requires way too many boxes. We will provide that facility as well. We are partnered with National Storage company who will provide you with all the necessary tools and equipment for a proper moving.

Before you start to box everything away, make a list. The list can contain various groups. The groups can be based on per room or it can be categorized according to the items. For example, for electronic goods, make a list that comprises all the electronics you have.

Moving doesn’t end in packing only. Now that you have a new address, you have to inform the correct authorities about it. You have to ensure all your letters are mailed directly to your new address.

Also, ensure you have sufficient amount of food during moving. Food can be home cooked from before or something that can be eaten hassle-free.

Move Up and Go!

Now that everything is set up properly, the boxes are in order, the electronic devices are unplugged and you are ready to go, move up. You won’t require to hire professional movers. You have us, Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals, for a reasonable, efficient and faster moving experience.

Our vehicles are comfortable to drive. Your standard car license can be used to drive our Ute or Truck. You just need to drive safely and follow the road rules.

You can drop off our vehicles to your nearest point, once your task is complete