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Renting a Truck

For shifting from a 2 or 3-bedroom house or a small office rent a Truck from Pymble Ute & Truck Rental. At Pymble, we offer you with automatic, power steering Trucks that can be driven by a standard car license.

We provide the finest service in Pymble. We also have 13 pick-up points in Sydney. This will help you tremendously if you are shifting anywhere outside Pymble. You just have to pick up the Truck from Pymble and talk to our staffs about the locations. They will arrange accordingly.

Mon to Thu
Fri & Sun*
2 hours $49.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
3 hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
4 Hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 75km) N/A N/A
Day $132.75 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $177.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $199.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km)
*Minimum All Day Hire
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  • Seating Capacity:3
  • Engine:Diesel
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Pantec Capacity:18m3 (All with hydraulic lifters)
  • Licence Required:Car or greater
  • Able to Carry: Contents of an average 2 bedroom unit.
  • Internal Measurements: 4.5L x 2.0w x 2.0h
  • Extras: All Trucks are equipped with a tail lifter.  Lifts up to 500kg

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At Pymble Ute & Truck Rentals, we have 3 tonne Hino Pantec Trucks available for a furniture shifting and other items. Our Trucks come at different rates to suit your budget.

Reasons to Rent Our Truck

There are plenty of reasons why you should rent our Truck. Our 3 tonne Hino Pantec Truck can be used for various reasons. If you want to wrap up your shifting within few hours or maximum a day, you can easily do so. We are offering the best price deal and can arrange a customised package if required.

Our Trucks are spacious and thoroughly cleaned. We have regular inspection to detect faulty mechanics. All our Trucks are well air conditioned. Before dropping off the vehicle at our location point, we would appreciate if you could clean the Truck and get it ready for the next customer.

Our Trucks run on diesel, are automatic and have power steering for better control. And the best part is, you can drive our Trucks with a standard car license!

Advantages for Renting a Truck from Us

One of the major advantages of renting a Truck from us is that you are saving a lot of cash. For shifting, most of us prefer to call a mover. Hiring a mover is very expensive. You have to entirely depend on the mover’s timetable, and if worked for extra hours, you have to pay more.

Hiring a Truck can ease out on the strict timetable. Once you hire a Truck, everything will depend on you. You can start shifting whenever you are ready. Our Trucks are easy to drive. You don’t have to fret over driving a large vehicle.

All our Trucks are easy to manoeuvre. There is a tail lifter with every Truck. This can lift up to 500kgs. You can easily fit a lot of objects together.

Why Choose Us?

If you really want the best deal in Pymble, rent a Truck from us.

  • We are located in 12 different places in Sydney
  • We provide a thoroughly cleaned Truck
  • We have automated, power steering Trucks
  • All our Trucks are carefully monitored and regularly checked
  • Our rents are affordable
  • Our vehicles can be driven with a standard car license