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Safe Driving

You can be an expert driver. You have a car that you are driving for decades. So when you hire a Ute or a Truck from us, you have the confidence that you will be able to handle the vehicle properly. Of course you will. But there are certain “rules” to follow, especially when you are driving a new vehicle for the first time. You won’t get enough time to get used to the vehicle. So, following these rules can help you avoid unnecessary tensions.

Get to Know Your Vehicle Before Driving

Familiarising with the new vehicle is very important. Before you hit the road, make sure that you do a short trip around your neighbourhood. Once you are comfortable driving it, move forward.

Driving our Ute or Truck is fairly easy. All our vehicles have automatic transmission and have power steering. These make the vehicles easy to control.

Arrange a Plan Before Moving

Moving requires a lot of plans. Be it on how to pack, what to pack or when to move. Shifting may take an entire day but it cannot be compared to a day’s outing. For a proper, smooth moving, make sure you know about your routes very well. Avoid roads with traffic jams. If you opt for a weekday moving, ensure you hit the roads during off-peak hours. It is better to travel on weekends.

Know Your Road Rules

We know you are fully aware of the road rules because you drive your car every day. Still, it is better to check your speed and obey the signals.

Ensure Your Safety

It is not only about the rules of obeying signals or speed checks. There are other rules such as you should keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. It is because, a Ute or a Truck is heavy compared to a normal sedan or a SUV. So it takes some space and time to manoeuvre the vehicle.

Always keep your speed at check. If required, go slower than the given speed. Heavy vehicles take longer to turn and speeding can cause trouble. Also, you should be extra alerted when you are going steep or downhill.

If you are tired, don’t drive. Take a break or stop the shifting for the day. Or, if you are under any medication that may hamper your driving, again, don’t drive. All these tiny things matter the most.

What to do in Bad Weather Condition?

A bad weather may pose risk especially when you are driving a new, heavy vehicle for the first time. Travelling in a Ute or a Truck full of loaded items will make it tougher for you to fully control the vehicle. Be careful when you are driving in a rain, on intense summer heat or on a foggy night.

Brake Carefully

A heavy vehicle will take longer to brake. Make sure you take time to brake. Brake slowly, avoiding abruptness. Sudden brakes can skid your vehicle, causing you to lose control.

Monitor Your Surrounding Before Driving

Before you drive the Ute or the Truck out of your driveway, check your surrounding thoroughly. Remember, you are driving a heavy vehicle for the first time.

When you completely load the vehicle with your items, make sure you have properly locked the door. Check if any item is sticking out.

When you enter a new neighbourhood, inspect the road thoroughly. Reduce the speed. Watch out for pedestrians of all ages.

Maintaining all these will guarantee a smooth and an enjoyable shifting!